Blue Mage

Monsters of Magic

The Red Mage order is a well known sacred order that studies the use of magic, both divine and arcane. Masters of human magic, the red mages are well respected and highly revered. However, long ago, rumors of another ancient order. Where the Red Mages study the magic of mankind, the blue turn their attentions to the magic of the wild beasts and monsters.

Blue Magic is a rare offshoot of the legendary mimicry ability that has been long-lost since days past, and Blue Mages study and learn to channel the abilities of monsters, making their powers their own. However, this order was completely wiped out. In pursuit of their studies, the Blue Mages subjugated themselves not just to their teachings, but to the pain. Submitting themselves to be the direct target of these abilities proves to shorten one’s lifespan quite a bit, effectively wiping out the order almost all by themselves.

However, every so often, a rumor of a sorcerer haunts the land. One who seems to be more suicidal than the rest, rushing in to suffer a monster’s blow. If he has the same abilities of the ancient order, it is difficult to say…

Blue Magic Origin

The magic you control takes form from an ancient type of magic, the same magic the fuels the monsters of the land. Your appearance might take on the appearance of a monster, or creature from your bloodline, but for most purposes, these features rarely contain any advantages. However, a completely normal-looking member of your race who has Blue Magic coursing through them is not unheard of. A blue mage is studied in learning from monsters, but they must study every aspect of the magic for them to learn the effect, and thus, the path is quite painful.

As a bonus action, a blue mage can focus on a non-humanoid creature they can see within 30 feet. This focus is treated like the Blue Mage were concentrating on a spell. While focused, if the creature makes an attack against the Blue Mage with a non-spell-like ability, or targets the Blue Mage with an ability or an attack while an ability is active, the Blue Mage can then make a Charisma(Arcana) check with the DC equal 7 + the creature’s CR (creatures less than 1 CR are treated as CR 0). If successful, the Blue Mage can then convert that ability into a Blue Spell.

All blue spells have a casting component of at least Somatic, and may require Verbal components as well depending on the ability. The level of the spell is equal to 1/2 of the creatures CR rounded up. If the creature’s CR is below 1, that spell is treated as a cantrip, and can replace one of the other cantrips that the Blue Mage knows. If the spell’s level would translate to higher than level 9, then that ability simply cannot be converted into Blue Magic.

Active abilities have a casting time of 1 action regardless of the original abilities effects. Their duration, unless otherwise stated, is instantaneous. If the effect requires the use of additional limbs, or claws, or things of that nature, the Caster instantly grows them for a split second to unleash the effect of the ability. Passive Abilities have a duration of 10 minutes and are concentration spells.

Blue Spell List

A Blue Mage stores Blue Spells into a separate spell list than their normal sorcerer spells. A Blue Mage can store any number of Blue Spells up to their Charisma Modifier + 1/2 their level (min 1), not counting any cantrips. If a Blue Mage attempts to an additional spell beyond that, they must replace one of their previous Blue Spells, forgetting its effects entirely.


At level 6, a Blue Mage learns enough about monster psychology that they can effectively creep into their psyche and enrage them. As a bonus action, the blue mage can taunt a creature they have in focus. The creature then makes a wisdom saving throw. On failure, the creature must target the Blue Mage on their next turn. They may still select how they will attack the Blue Mage.

Improved Focus

At level 14, a Blue Mage has become learned in the ways of feral battle, and has learned the means of keeping an eye on the field. The Blue Mage can now focus on multiple creatures at once, equal to their Charisma Modifier + 2. Their taunt effect can now apply up to all of them, or just a single member of the focus.

Watchful Eye

At level 18, the Blue Mage has learned through enough experience that they can tell what is going on in a battle with the monster just by observation. The Blue Mage no longer requires to be a target for an attack or ability to learn from the monster. They must simply observe the monster using it.

Blue Mage

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